Bossa Brazil

Bossa Brazil promotes Brazil and Brazilian clients!

Bossa Brazil is where it all started and gave the origin of Bossa Promotions! Bossa Brazil was founded in London in 1997 as an events organising company specialised in the promotion of Brazil and Brazilian clients in the UK and Europe with marketing, travel and tourism promotion, public relations, promotional activities in general and events management focused on Brazil only.

Between 2011 and 2012 we added to our team professionals with experience in travel and tourism, events, music and commercial industries. This has allowed us to evolve into an international multi-service agency; Bossa Promotions.

We work not only in the UK and Europe but also in several countries in South America and including, of course, Brazil, offering the same quality and high standard services previously offered to Brazilian clients only, now available to all clients wanting to grow their business and market-share in various sectors and markets.

Today Bossa Brazil, as a division of Bossa Promotions, works advising and supporting private companies and Brazilian government agencies that need promotion abroad and vice-versa.

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