Bossa roadshow for travel agents

roadshow for travel agents, we organise events, road shows, promotional workshops, product or service launches, seminars, corporate events, music and culture festivals and private parties and functions.

Founded in London in 1997 as Bossa Brazil, an events organising company, between 2011 and 2012 we added to our team professionals with experience in travel and tourism, music and commercial industries. This has allowed us to evolve into an international multi-service agency; Bossa Promotions. We work not only in the UK and Europe but also in several countries in South America and including, of course, Brazil.

In fact, all of our international partners previously worked for national and regional Tourist Offices in their respective countries, giving them the background and track record we are known for, and the flair that we embody in all of our projects.

     We Are

We are an international marketing agency that specialises in the promotion of unique travel and cultural experiences, with a passion, creativity, and flair that represents our Brazilian roots.

We specialise in travel trade events organising creating and managing events that bring together travel industry professionals to network, learn, and promote their businesses. These events can include seminars, road shows, product launches, destination marketing, and promotion.


Bossa is a style! To do things with instinctual flair and natural talent. To mix craft with inclination. It is to get things done with passion, dedication, creativity and innovation. That’s how we work!

     We Do

We create business opportunities through the extensive experience of our highly qualified team with innovative and creative strategies and campaigns. All of this guarantees our customers a prominent place in competitive markets. Our services range from organising and promoting events, public relations, promotional and destination marketing, commercial representation and consultancy with a focus on increasing market knowledge, generating business opportunities and opening new distribution channels.


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